5 Elements Lingam Tour


February 6th to 20th, 2023



Once in a lifetime experience, Powerjourney to Tamil Nadu, India, visiting the ancient land of the Siddhars with thousand of years old temples. You will have Darshan of the 5 Element Lingams and you will celebrate the auspicious Shiva Ratri Night / Night of Shiva at Mount Arunchala, the Kailasch of the South.



6th February                               

Arriving in Chennai / 2 nights Taj Fisherman's Cove, Resort & Spa

- visiting ancient temples and stonemasons.


8th February                              

Visiting Kanchipuram the Temple City continuing our journey to      

Tiruvanamalai/ Earth Lingam


8th - 10th February               

Tiruvanamalai Sparsa Hotel

- Ashram Ramana Maharishi

- Annamalaiya Temple Tiru / Fire Lingam

- Darshan Shiva Shakti


11th February                           

Thilo Nataraja Temple, Chidambaram / Sky Lingam                                         

- Two nights Svatma Hotel, Tanjavur

- Brihadisvara Temple Thanjavur


13th February                            

Trichi / Water Lingam and back to Tiruvanamalai


14th - 15th  February             

Tirupathi and Kalahasti / Air Lingam

- Taj Hotel Tirupathi


16th February                              

Tiruvanamalai Sparsa Hotel


17th February                             

Baba Inauguration Day and Charity Project Sai Shakti Center Tiru


18th February                              

Shiva Ratri Night


19th February                             



20th February                               

Return flight from Chennai



Price on request


Tamil Nadu