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Yoga, in Sanskrit, the oldest recorded language, means unity, connection, and harmony. It is a very ancient, holistic philosophy and practice system from India that brings the body, mind, and soul into balance by harmonizing the feminine and masculine aspects within each individual.


One of the four paths of yoga is Hatha Yoga. It encompasses many ancient sacred teachings on energies, as well as guidance on cleansing and harmonizing the gross and subtle bodies. In Hatha Yoga, the emphasis is on physical postures that calm the mind, promote physical health, strengthen the body, and open the heart. Nutrition, self-reflection, and ethical considerations of being and acting also play a significant role. The goal is to discover one's own divinity and live and experience inner and outer devotion to God.


Since December 1, 2016, Yoga has been recognized as 'Intangible Cultural Heritage' by UNESCO.




The oldest teachings for holistic health, medicine, and lifestyle were received about 8,000 years ago by the initiated sages, the Rishis, in India. This philosophy gives us humans the opportunity to bring our entire lives into harmony with ourselves and nature.


The term Ayurveda also comes from Sanskrit and is composed of the words 'Ayuh,' meaning 'Life' or a life span that is as long and fulfilling as possible on all levels, and 'Veda,' meaning 'Knowledge' in the sense of comprehensive wisdom. Ayurveda can thus be described as the 'Knowledge of Life'; it sees the individual as a unity of body, mind, and soul in interaction with the environment. Inner harmony and the balance of the three 'Doshas' (bioenergies) are the foundation for a fulfilled and long life.


With its manual and elimination therapies, highly effective plant elixirs, and numerous individual recommendations for a healthy diet and lifestyle, Ayurveda offers a broad spectrum of possibilities for each person. Health care and well-being also hold a high value in Ayurveda. There are wonderful massages and manual therapies mainly using warm herbal oils for relaxation and regeneration, allowing one to return to oneself completely.


Through this holistic view of an individual using the ancient Indian healing art, self-healing powers can be activated, inner perception improved, and physical tensions released. This results in a long-term harmonious and conscious sense of life.


More information about courses and dates will be available soon.

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