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Insight into the Systematic Constellation Work

with Dr. Dorothea von Stumpfeldt


This workshop utilises the method of Emotional Process Work, abbreviated as EPA. It is a spiritual approach that combines inner knowledge and healing energies, being both simple and yet intricately complex. It acknowledges that each person carries their own inner wisdom and is interconnected with the wisdom that surrounds them.


It is a proven and tested method, working to unveil the challenges faced in everyday life, aiming to identify their roots and, if possible, transform them. The process is approached with the utmost respect and love.Moreover, many individuals frequently have perceptions that they may not fully trust, yet this method helps in developing trust in those perceptions.


By engaging with one's own emotions, this method provides significant opportunities for self-discovery and contributes to personal development. Rather than merely addressing symptoms, it takes symptoms as opportunities to delve into their underlying causes.The symptom can potentially be resolved.


Workshop Price: €450, inclusive of accommodation and meals.

Reduced price for those with special circumstances on request.


To register, please email:


You can learn more about Dr. von Stumpfeldt's work and projects through the following links:

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Dorothea is the founder of the Institute for Emotional Process Work and author of ‘Healing encounter with the Inner World’. She has many years of experience with this important therapeutic approach.

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