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In Harmony with yourself 


Friday – Sunday

26-28 April 2024

A women's seminar for inner strength

with Barbara Haussener

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Immerse yourself in the power of nature and discover your feminine essence! Amidst idyllic landscapes, we will nurture the connection to our inner nature. Let the perfection of nature inspire you to recognize the hidden signposts within you.


Together with like-minded individuals, you will develop approaches to overcome obstacles and liberate yourself from societal expectations. Guided by meditations, ceremonies, bodywork, and creative expressions, you will explore the authentic path to fulfilling your being.


Ready to unleash the wisdom of feminine power? Register now and embark on a profound and transformative journey. I look forward to welcoming you!



April 26 - 28, 2024


Event Venue

Haus Fürstenberg Xanten-Retreat, Fürstenberg 13, 46509 Xanten |



€590.00 including accommodation and meals

Reduced price for those with special circumstances on request.



Sai Shakti Foundation |


Registration or Retreat Inquiries


Course Facilitator

Barbara Haussener |

Barbara Haussener 


Several traumatic experiences burdened my life for a long time and bound a significant part of my life energy. With a backpack filled with a sleeping bag, bivouac sack, and light provisions, I have climbed high mountains and traversed deep valleys several times over the last 26 years, both physically and psychologically.


Throughout, nature has always accompanied me as the most loyal and sincere teacher, showing me how to create order and healing in my inner nature. I have learned to identify my needs and make courageous decisions solely in my favour. This has strengthened my self-confidence. Even when I doubted the meaning of my experiences in the here and now, my emotional world, through experiences in and with nature, gave me clear signs to always hold onto what I love. Thus, I followed the signposts to become a healer and teacher of light and energy medicine."

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