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Silent Retreat at Haus Fürstenberg in Xanten 


11 - 13 November 2022

Begining: 10 am on Friday, November 11th

Ending: 5pm, on Sunday, November 13th

We often forget that we are one of the most wonderful creatures on earth, especially when we are influenced by the thoughts of others.


Sometimes we have difficulty communicating with the outside world and then we easily lose the most intimate and deep communication with ourselves.


How many of us are really with ourselves?

In which language?


In Tribalosophy we call this language "Mouna" or literally "Language of the Divine".


"Mouna" is silence.


It is like an ocean without waves in which to reflect and expand our limitless selves.

There we can encounter the most beautiful part of our true selves.


On November 11th/12th/13th, 2022, Tribalosophy,, will organise this special meditation program in cooperation with Gong Therapy Meditation,


"Mouna - The Retreat of Silence" in Xanten.

Beginn: 10 am on Friday, November 11th

Ending:  5pm, on Sunday, November 13th


A unique experience of its kind in a magical place of great beauty and healing power.


3 days and 2 nights in contact with our essence.


We will share our stillness and the highest expression of our being, guided and led by Shajeer and Nirankar Singh


🌱 Disconnect from the rest of the world


🌱 Purify yourself from excesses of useless thoughts


🌱 Reconnect with the rhythm of your true nature.


🌱 Nourish the divine energy within you.


🌱 Connect your essence to the sound of the universe through gong therapy meditation.


And much more…


Remember, silence doesn't just mean the absence of words and sounds.

Silence itself is another dimension of sound.


Where words meet experience, “Mouna”, the language of the divine, begins.


Seminar costs € 360 including accommodation and meals.


More information and reservations on request by email to:

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