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Healing Sounds

Sounds influence the physical body, the energy system, emotions, and the mind of a person. Certain sounds have a calming, harmonizing, and healing effect. Mantras, Bhajans, and classical Indian music are oriented towards healing.


Through singing Bhajans, sacred songs, we can have direct divine experiences.


Our soul is nourished by the words and sounds, and it can once again remember the eternal light in our hearts. Gradually, this soul light takes the lead in our lives again. It's about the path of love. It's about being connected, feeling the presence, staying in this love, and acting from it."

Gong Meditation

The profound significance of the gong lies in its vibration, which encompasses our entire organism – in a frequency of healing, transformation, and spiritual connection. Our tense body with its stressed cells and our entire system find their way back to an inner equilibrium, to harmony. This allows us to relax and activate our self-healing powers. The gong liberates us from negativity and brings us deep inner peace. When we experience Gong Therapy Meditation, we rediscover our body, soul, and mind.


More information about courses and dates will be available soon.

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