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Writing Hike: On the trail of the self. 

with Dorothee Koehler


Experience movement and nature, listen to your inner voice and write down what it says – in the park and around the Xanten Retreat in Haus Fürstenberg


The Fürstenberg in Xanten is not only a nature reserve in large parts, but also a historically important place. There was a large Roman camp, a Benedictine monastery and later a Cistercian monastery. Today only the Kreuzkapelle is left, next to it the House Fürstenberg, built in 1843. The manor house is surrounded by a spacious park with beautiful old trees, a rose garden, a swimming pond and several seating areas. The Sai Shakti Foundation is based here and the many ancient Indian sculptures and works of art give the house and garden a very special charm.


Discover creativity, track down your own sources of strength


The enchanting place with its eventful history is wonderfully suited to opening the mind, getting the body moving, stimulating creativity and tracking down inner sources of strength.


We start in the park, but then, also hike to witnesses of Roman, Jewish and Christian history around Xanten. Our hike together is framed and interrupted by phases in which you get writing impulses from me, write, listen, read your texts, only if you want, nobody has to read aloud and exchange ideas with the other participants.


The hike itself will be around 7-9 kilometers long, with occasional uphill sections. I adjust the walking pace to the group and there are enough rest breaks. You don't need writing experience  but you do need to be open to others and to yourself


This writing hike is suitable for everyone who …


o   want to (re)discover their own creativity,

o   want to track down their resources and sources of strength,

o   want to lead a more fulfilling and conscious life,

o   wish for more inner clarity,

o   train their mindfulness

o   or simply want to relax.


Date: August 19, 2023, 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.


Costs: 75 euros, including tea/coffee to welcome you and the final round


Please bring your own packed lunch for the picnic along the way, as well as a fillable water bottle, suitable weatherproof clothing/shoes, a seat pad and stationery. A notebook or pad with a solid


Registration: or +49 171 5842897


Workshop leader: Dorothee Köhler - I am a Germanist, cultural anthropologist and work as a copywriter for corporate communications, non-fiction author and ghostwriter. In 2015, I completed my training as a certified director of literary workshops and poetry and bibliotherapy at the Fritz Perls Institute in Hückeswagen. In 2022 my first hiking guide was published ("Hiking for the soul. In and around Düsseldorf"). When I'm not sitting at my desk, I put on my hiking boots and head out into the low and high mountains. Through hiking, I experience again and again how not only my body but also my mind is set in motion. Writing down the thoughts that then form in me lets me see where the shoe pinches and where I can continue – to stay with the image. The best thing of all is taking other people with you on these tours and sharing with them what moves each of us. That's why I offer writing hikes in nature and workshops for creative writing with wonder & write.

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