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Inner Child Healing Retreat

*AADHI आदि*
From the Man to the Child

*Inner C
hild Healing Retreat*

Dates & Location:

2nd of August 2023, 6:00 pm – 6th of August 2023, 11:00 am

Xanten Retreat, H
ouse Fürstenberg, Xanten

Aadhi, in the Dravidian language (the language of the South Indian tribes), means "beginning", and "that which comes first".
From man to the child, because, before we can go back to being Human, we need to reconnect to our purest dimension, that of the child.
This means first of all, awakening of our curiosity, as life flows with joy when we are animated by the spirit of discovery, knowledge and adventure, just like children are.
In this present moment of time, many of us need to give ourselves a break and be with our inner child. This means getting out of ordinary life, overcoming all conditioning and expanding our vision of life beyond our limits, as only children can do.

In those 4 days, we will be guided by Shajeer, in a very rich program, ranging from play to inner experience, including rituals and moments of intimate sharing.
As in any self-respecting adventure, the program is there, but it is lived rather than only understood. The first real revolution is to free oneself from the need to know and open up to knowledge through experience.
It will be 4 unforgettable days dedicated to the deepest knowledge of yourself and the potential of your creative energy, or Shakti.

The retreat will take place inside the splendid House Fürstenberg, beautiful house that has been offering hospitality and welcome to Art and Spirituality for more than 25 years.

Maximum number of participants: 10 people

2nd August: Reception starting at 10.00am
6th August: Departure after breakfast.

Cost all inclusive:
€ 1350,- for Tribalosophy members 

€ 1400,- for non-members

Vegetarian menu will be offered for all meals. 

Please inform us of any intolerances or food needs at the time of booking.

For more details, contact us at:

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