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Shadow and Light: The Art of Letting Go and New Beginnings 


Friday – Sunday

7-9 June 2024

with Barbara Haussener


Seminar with Barbara Haussener:


“Shadow and Light: The Art of Letting Go and New Beginnings”


Discover what can die in you in order to bloom again! In this intensive seminar, we will delve into our own darkness together and open our eyes to what was previously in the shadows. It is a powerful moment to pause, let go and say goodbye with gratitude to what has come to pass. Through the support of fire ceremonies and other shamanic rituals we experience a deep transformation. Embark on a journey of self-discovery and renewal. It's time to leave the old behind and make room for new growth.

Barbara Haussener 


Several traumatic experiences burdened my life for a long time and bound a significant part of my life energy. With a backpack filled with a sleeping bag, bivouac sack, and light provisions, I have climbed high mountains and traversed deep valleys several times over the last 26 years, both physically and psychologically.


Throughout, nature has always accompanied me as the most loyal and sincere teacher, showing me how to create order and healing in my inner nature. I have learned to identify my needs and make courageous decisions solely in my favour. This has strengthened my self-confidence. Even when I doubted the meaning of my experiences in the here and now, my emotional world, through experiences in and with nature, gave me clear signs to always hold onto what I love. Thus, I followed the signposts to become a healer and teacher of light and energy medicine."

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