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Vedische Astrologische Beratung

Individual astrology consultation based on Vedic astrology and reading the natal chart


with Shajeer

9 November 2022

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The stars and planets that cross the sky at the moment of our birth have a profound impact on our way of being.


Knowing our natal chart according to Vedic astrology helps us to understand how we are doing, our dispositions, our limitations and our talents.


The natal chart is therefore an astral chart of the person, knowledge which can enhance self-awareness and help with the following issues:


 - Clarity about our lives.

 - Find security, motivation, vitality or balance based on your own existential needs.

 - Tools and support to deal with difficult moments

 - Clarity and help in achieving your goals.


The consultation is individual and lasts about an hour.


Price on Donation base

Shajeer Kizhakkekara


Born and raised in Kerala, India, he has always been passionate about Ayurveda, Yoga and Vedic Astrology.

Since 2008 he is co-founder and director of the Vedaguru Center in Wayanad (Kerala).


The center was founded with the intention of promoting the spread of the ancient science of Ayurveda through courses and adventure trips.


A love of knowledge led Shajeer to connect with and spend significant time with the tribal communities living in the forest. There he received ancient knowledge passed down orally from the spiritual head of the community.


The experience in the forest had shaped him enough to found Tribalosophy in Italy in 2019, an association through which he became the spokesman for his country's tribal culture in Europe.


In search of oneself and one's essence and values, Shajeer is a bridge between indigenous peoples and western culture. His aim is to create a connection between these two worlds.

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