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Our Vision


"A World in Conscious Togetherness"

Our vision is a world where people consciously and compassionately deal with their own emotional wounds and the wounds of others. We envision a society that undergoes collective change through individual healing and transformation. This transformation forms the foundation for peaceful coexistence among all beings on this Earth.

"Sai Shakti," the name of our foundation, reflects this vision. In Hinduism, the term "Shakti" symbolises divine feminine energy—a force of creation, preservation, and transformation. "Sai," as an expression of reverence, emphasises this power. "Sai Shakti" thus represents a divine energy that not only promotes individual healing but also fosters collective, conscious togetherness. This energy guides and inspires us to create a world of unity, understanding, and well-being for all creatures.

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Our founder Simone Ackermans


„Supporting your journey to awareness and growth“

In 2022, Simone Ackermans founded the Sai Shakti Foundation, choosing the Fürstenberg House near Xanten as its headquarters. Additionally, the foundation conducts events and retreats at two other centres: the Shiva Sai Retreat in Tiruvannamalai, India, and the Masseria Sant’Aniello in Italy.

Three Power Places, One Vision: Sai Shakti Foundation and the Legacy of Gerhard Ackermans


"All three locations are power places — in special regions of their respective countries, with significant histories that extend far beyond the individual houses or estates," says Simone Ackermans. She personally designed each of these places, and in some cases, like the Masseria, participated in their reconstruction. She is the eldest daughter of the German entrepreneur Gerhard Ackermans, who accumulated his wealth as a co-founder of the Allkauf Group and as a pioneer in the private media industry, eventually passing it on to his children. "He was a down-to-earth, humble person with a warm laugh, who generously gave, donated, and endowed a lot—without making a big fuss about it," Simone recounts. "What I am doing with the Sai Shakti Foundation is also in this tradition. It's important to me to honour his memory."


Athletic Beginnings and Artistic Development

Simone Ackermans grew up with her parents and four sisters in Aldekerk on the Lower Rhine. After completing her studies at the German Sport University Cologne, she moved to Fürstenberg House near Xanten with her husband Heinz Ackermans, a sculptor, painter, and graphic artist. This location is now the headquarters of the Sai Shakti Foundation. Starting in 1986, they together built a significant art collection at Fürstenberg House, featuring works by classical modern artists and Arte Povera. When they moved to London in 1997, with two daughters and a son by then, the collection continued to grow. In 2005, during the year of their separation and divorce, Simone and Heinz Ackermans bequeathed a portion of the artworks to the Kunstsammlung Nordrhein-Westfalen.

A Journey from London to Tiruvannamalai

Even before her move to London, Simone Ackermans began delving into global spiritual traditions, driven by personal and highly challenging circumstances that set her on this path. In the early 2000s, she traveled to India for the first time, and since then, she has felt a deep connection to the country and its rich culture. She encountered Sri Kaleshwar, an Indian spiritual master, and spent a significant amount of time in his ashram in Penukonda until Kaleshwar's untimely death in 2012. It was there that she discovered her true calling: to support people on their journey of self-development. Simone continues to spend several months each year in India, often in Tiruvannamalai, one of the most visited Hindu pilgrimage sites in the southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu.


Creativity and Community Spirit in the Sai Shakti Foundation


With the establishment of the Sai Shakti Foundation, Simone Ackermans has fully unleashed her own creative power. Whether in Xanten, Tiruvannamalai, or at Masseria Sant’Aniello in Italy, Simone is happiest when these places become meeting points for people who want to work together on their personal development. This reflects Simone's deep conviction that true change and growth are most successful in a community of like-minded individuals.

"Guiding other people on their spiritual journey, and in many cases, making this journey possible in the first place, was the motivation for me to establish the foundation. Our events provide people with a space to explore what may no longer be in harmony with their lives. They come to us, open and ready to face their challenges—and leave inspired and liberated from what no longer serves them. This fills me with great joy. And I very much wish that the foundation can provide this experience to many more people."

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